Who am I

My name is Joseph Chamochumbi, I am a software developer from Peru, living in Sweden.

I moved to Sweden in 2014 to study a Master's Degree. After I finished it, I got a couple of job offers, and decided to take one of them.

I've been coding ever since university days. I remember my first programming course used C++, and I took over a summer as preparation for the third semester of electronics engineering school.

Higher Education

Talking about university, I studied in the Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria, which translates to National University of Engineering, popularly known as UNI.

It was madly hard to get into the school I wanted, Eletronics Engineering, and it was even harder to complete the program. During the second half of the program I did quite a bit of Assembler, C and Matlab. At the time I was very much into microcontrollers programming. I even played around with FPGA's.

Out in the work force, engineering skills were very useful while performing tasks, but often employers under appreciated them. At entry level, most jobs really just want to you be good with technical abilities, rather than engineering.

I knew this, so while at school, I also went to a technical school. There you wouldn't really learn how an electric motor works, but rather, how to install, wire-up, and control an electric motor using PLC's, speed controllers and other practical techniques. There we didn't learn about transmission codes, nor state machines, but about the HART protocol, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and learned to make a GUI to control an industrial process.

As a Master's degree I took Business Design and Entrepreneurship, in the Chalmers University of Technology. This Master's degree gave me tools and mental models I used to grow my own career and help those I work with. Although the program did not necessarily involve coding, I did tons of it while at it. I did some Java, and Python, mostly within computer vision using OpenCV, and a bit of embedded software.

Long story short, we had a technology-based business idea, and I was in charge of the engineering of it. Fun stuff.

Betting on JavaScript, and React

During the late part of 2015, and early 2016, I began to learn JavaScript, but I had always been wary of web development, because whenever I'd analyze a website's source code, it'd be messy and, quite frankly, impossible to read through.

However, little did I know, there was a UI library out there, called React, which made the UI building process look a lot more like a digital circuit, at least, that was my take on it.

By the end of 2016, early 2017, I could already put together simple applications, and manage most data flows, those I already sorta knew from previous coding experiences.

On my free time I've coded, tons upon tons of JavaScript, read books, and finished courses like a mad man. Not because I found it hard, but because it was just so much fun.


Having learned the ropes of JavaScript and React, I realized, that without CSS, there wouldn't be much value on being a React developer, at the time that was my assessment anyway.

I began, reading and coding as much CSS as I could, studying how websites implemented certain designs, etc. Now, 6 years later, I am happy I did that, and although I am not the world's most proficient CSS developer, I am most definitely comfortable with it.

Work Experience

As soon as I was done with university I got a job, where I helped to build UI for industrial processes. This means, drawing the UI, attaching event handlers, and connecting the UI to a computer that sends back sensor data, and outputs control signals for motors, pumps, etc.

I did that for nearly 2 years. It was fun, but incredibly hard, physically and mentally.

After that I did my Master's degree, and soon after I got a job as a consultant for a large telecom company. I then worked as a consultant for a large truck manufacturer, and after nearly two years, I joined Evolve Technology, where I've continued to work as a consultant for many customers.

Coding Challenges

I've always liked to solve problems. Hard problems. However, coding challenges are a thing I discovered around 2015, but ever since I've used them to challenge my language knowledge. They helped me to learn Python, to master JavaScript, Rust, TypeScript, I wonder what comes next!

Betting on Rust

With all the coding experience I gained over the years, I wanted to retake my coding roots so to speak, but this time, I found the Rust programming language, and decided to bet on it.

It was no easy start, specially when at work I used JavaScript or TypeScript, but eventually I managed to be on the side of the borrow checker, and felt comfortable enough to take on coding challenges, entirely with Rust.

I still need to become better at multi-threading without fear, and perhaps be involved on a production level application, but I am happy with my progress so far.

This blog

This blog runs on Rust, and TypeScript, batteries. MeiliSearch, and Next.js to be precise. I will most likely write-up on how I set it up sometime in the future.

You can expect heavy technical posts. I usually think of them as a small research, or study, project. The subjects will most likely touch on both front end and back end technology.

Happy Hacking!