Here I publish my solutions to coding challenges, and things I learn on my day to day job.

I also publish on Medium. You can find me over there as @icjoseph.

Coding Challenges

I put time into coding competitons and coding challengens. I focus mostly on Hash Code, Code Jam, Kick Start, and Advent of Code.

When solving coding challenges, I use the Rust programming language.

Lessons Learned

In this blog, I take the opportunity to document, things I learn, or best practices to use when working with front end and back end frameworks, using JavaScript, TypeScript, and even Rust.


State with Dependency Tracking

A study on how to render a component, only when the properties it accesses change. This technique is used in production by SWR.

Studying a Reactive Local Storage Hook

A study on how to make a reactive local storage. Not a technique to use in production applications.

AoC 2021 - Day 1

A problem that one could probably solve with a spreadsheet, however, there is still a few things we can learn from it.


Introductory post. About me, my work experience, and this blog.